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Friday, June 26, 2009

Sunday Religion

Then Balak sent other princes, more numerous and more distinguished than the first. They came to Balaam and said: 'This is what Balak son of Zippor says: Do not let anything keep you from coming to me, because I will reward you handsomely and do whatever you say. Come and put a curse on these people for me.' " (Numbers 22:16-17)

I've thought a lot lately of the many modern Balaks who make similar promises: Do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want. Don't take your Sunday religion into the rest of the week. It'll spoil your opportunities for advancement, wealth and fun.

But when I read the rest of the story in the remaining chapters of Numbers (and into Joshua and Judges), I discover what God thinks of Sunday-only faith. And it's not pretty.

Doing as modern Balaks suggest cost a lot more than any sane person should be willing to spend for what is promised to be advancement, wealth and fun.

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Gary said...

The most difficult enterprise in a spiritual life, for me, is bringing the Divine out of Sunday and into every moment of time. I want to *see* God in every moment, in everything, in every person. Creation is easy to glimpse in the love of a dog, in the night sky, in the waters and wind, but it's often impossible for me to see him in some of His people -- unless perhaps their souls already belong to the Devil.