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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Don't Call It Small

So, I'm having ice tea with a friend in a local sandwich shop, sharing our experiences with the Lord. And I tell him how the Holy Spirit got my attention several days ago about my "What's the use" question. You can reread the post here.

I've thought several times about that verse in St. Luke which the Lord used to admonish me, and I have repented of my pride and self-centeredness. I've apologized for expecting Him to do more with me than I think He is doing. I really think I am pretty much over my pouting.

I was simply telling my friend of my recent lessons from the Lord.

A few minutes later, as we walked out of the shop, Bill said to me, "Don't ever call what the Lord gives you to do, "small."

God's word through my friend didn't strike as a reproach. Rather, it came as a gentle reminder -- Whatever God gives us to do, we must never call insignificant. If He gives it into our hands to do, then it must have eternal value.

That's all I ever need to know.

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