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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Nail

How then can I do this wicked thing, and I sin against my God?
(Genesis 39:9)

By God’s grace,
Joseph prospered
above every other slave
in Potipher’s house.

He alone enjoyed access
to all his master owned.
The best food,
comfort –

access to everything
Potipher’s wife.

But she wanted Joseph.

For days,
perhaps months,
he resisted her
to her bed.

When at last
she cornered him
he fled,

only his cloak
in her fist.

Joseph said to her,
“How then can I do this wicked thing,
and sin against my God?”
And his question still probes
the essence
of life’s meaning.

Joseph recognized
what I must never
When I sin,
I do not sin
only against others.

I sin against


Oh, Holy Spirit,
open my eyes to see Christ
recoil from the whip
that slices His back
with my every transgression.

I do not want to drive another nail,
or draw another drop
of His sacred blood.

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