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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blowing Trumpets

When in your own land you go to war against an enemy that is attacking you, you shall sound the alarm on the trumpets, and the Lord, your God, will remember you and save you from your foes (Numbers 10:9).

This text suggests
God needs cues
like silver trumpets

to jog His memory

some might say
He needs our prayers

to remember us.

God does not need cues
or trumpets
or prayers.

We do.

God knows our temptation
to serve Jesus
without seeking
the face of Jesus --

to open doors,
without asking His help,

to pursue the battle
with weapons of flesh,
instead of spirit,

to be satisfied
with earth

instead of heaven.

But blowing trumpets,
or praying prayers
force us to remember
the battle
is not ours,

but the Lord’s.

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