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Saturday, April 24, 2010

How Much More Ought We?

Only after Aaron and his sons have finished covering the sacred objects and all their utensils on breaking camp, shall the Kohathites enter to carry them. But they shall not touch the sacred objects; if they do they will die . . . [T]he Kohathites shall not go in to look upon the sacred objects, even for an instant; if they do, they will die (Numbers 4:15-20).

Only the priestly family of Aaron
could look at –
or touch –
the sacred vessels
and furniture
of the Tabernacle.

The priestly family of Kohath
carried other holy objects,
but would die
if they so much as
touched –
or even glimpsed –
those sacred things
reserved only to Aaron's house.

If Tabernacle articles
were holy,
how much more is the One
who tabernacles *
among us?

If only Aaron's house
was privileged
to see and wrap
the holy objects,
much more are we
who not only gaze at the Holy One
and touch Him --

but are invited to also
eat His flesh
and drink His blood.

If Priests consecrated themselves
to serve in the Tabernacle,
how much more ought we,
who consume Christ’s Body and Blood,
consecrate ourselves

before we approach
His table?

* St. John 1:14 (Greek)

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