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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Cloud and a Fire, Then and Now

It was always so: during the day the Dwelling was covered by the cloud, which at night had the appearance of fire. Whenever the cloud rose from the tent, the Israelites would break camp; wherever the cloud came to rest, they would pitch camp. At the bidding of the LORD the Israelites moved on, and at his bidding they encamped . . . (Numbers 9:16-18).

Israel didn’t know how easy they had it.

God told them
when to go,
and stay,
and for how long.

I often look to God
for guidance.

Some sign
to stay
or go –
to leave
or linger.

But at times
all I sense
is silence.

So I seek counsel of others,
make my best guess –
and envy Israel’s

Yet looking back
through the lens of time
I do see His guidance
in a song,
a scripture,
a thought,
a circumstance . . .

Each a cloud
or fire.
Each a sign to
go or linger.

I simply didn't
and still don't
recognize it
at the time.

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