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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Child or Tool?

Paul, a slave of God, called as an apostle . . . (Romans 1:1)

God can use anyone for His purposes,

As a tool . . .

Like Pharaoh who scoffed
“Who is the Lord that I should let His people go?” (1)
but soon learned of the unassailable might 
of that Lord.
Or the Assyrian king
who sought to destroy God’s people;
and of whom God mocked,
“Have you not heard? Long ago I planned
that you should turn fortified cities into ruined heaps.” (2)
Or the courtier in Persia
who lusted to destroy the Jews,
but through whom
God brought great victory
to Israel; (3)

God’s tools, each;
who never knew
He opposes
the proud.

Yes, God can use anyone for His purposes;

As a tool . . .
or as a child.

Like St. Paul
who called himself first
God’s slave –
before he would call himself
an apostle; (4)
Or Francis of Assisi,
heir to great wealth,
yet disdained even the clothes on his back
so he might gain
the poverty of Christ.
Or the Mother of Calcutta
who thought it a privilege
to cradle the diseased
and destitute
– as they were called –
of their society.

God’s children, each;
who knew
He opposes the proud . . .
but gives grace
to the humble

Child or Tool.
are we?

1) Exodus 5:2
2) Kings 19:25
3) Esther 8,9
4) Romans 1:1


Candida said...

That is very beautiful.Thank you.Candida

Anonymous said...

I hope that I am both child and tool. 'My ways are not your ways'. God works in mysterious ways but He never gives up on his promises and I am humbly grateful for that. Nice post, Richard.

Anonymous said...

Actually Richard, as I read your beautiful post again, I would much rather be a child. But, sometimes, we need to be that tool if it serves to humble the proud, or convert the unbeliever. I want to be whatever I need to be to eventually be welcomed as his child. Sorry for the confusion.

Richard Maffeo said...

no confusion. just different ways to interpret what I wrote. Point is, Christians all want to be useful for the kingdom. May God cause us to be so, more and more.