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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Insufficient Sacrifice

As far as the east is from the west . . . (Psalm 103:13)

The blood of Jesus is not sufficient to cover my sins. God requires more than the death of His Son for my forgiveness.

Isn’t that what we are saying to Him when we say after our confession, "I don’t feel forgiven for these my deepest and darkest sins"? Isn’t that what we say to Him when we set our feelings as a higher court than His promise?

Really, is that what we want to say to Him?


Barb Schoeneberger said...

A holy monk once gave me a lecture about feelings, but not in this context. However, it's worth remembering and applying elsewhere. He said that going off feelings is a great mistake. "I don't feel holy" or, in this case, "I don't feel forgiven" is a mistake. Feelings are deceptive. It's the assent of the will that is important. Focusing on feelings is a way the devil tempts us to focus on ourselves and not on God and what he is doing for us, as in this case, forgiving us. People need to banish that "I don't feel forgiven" business to the trash bin for the temptation it is.

Rich Maffeo said...

Emotions are often driven by the weather outside, or because we are tired, or sick, or whatever. God's promises are our only anchor during those storms. That's why I am so fixated on trying to trust God and what He says, rather than my fickle emotions.