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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Remember Elijah

An open letter to all my online friends who are faithful to Jesus Christ: 

Write this down in the flyleaf of your Bible: “Remember Elijah.” Here is what I mean by that:

The time will come when it will be illegal for anyone to say some of the things being said here and elsewhere about our national sins, about living righteously before God, and of God’s impending judgment.  And we might think ourselves alone because we do not hear or read words of encouragement from those of like Christian faith.

Remember Elijah.

Having just come off the mountain, exuberant with the memory of God’s powerful response to the false prophets (1 Kings 18), we find him in the pits of despair and fleeing for his life from the politician’s wife.

“They have torn down Your altars,” he cried out to God, “They have killed your prophets, and I alone am left.”

But remember God’s response to Elijah: “I have kept for myself 7000 who have not bowed their knee to the culture.” (1 Kings 19:10,18 – my paraphrase).

You and I enjoy the encouragement we provide each other online. But life in American culture has undergone a slow and inexorable shift away from Biblical truth. The time will come that the words of Christ-honoring Christians will be effectively silenced in the marketplace.

We, too, will soon feel alone – some of us will feel the emotion more intensely than others. But WE ARE NOT ALONE. God will always keep for Himself the remnant who hear His voice, and follow Him. 

Be encouraged. There are millions of us out there. Let us pray for each other every day.


Gabrielle Renoir said...

A wonderful post, Rich. Praying for one another is the best thing we can do. I was thinking about this the other day, and how glad I am/will be to be a part of that remnant.

Barb Schoeneberger said...

A point well made. I've thought this same thing often. In fact, we have no idea even at this time the special souls God has placed behind cloister walls such as St. Faustina, St. Margaret Mary, etc. who offer extraordinary suffering for those of us in the world who may soon be cut off from fellow Christians. As Elijah was not alone, neither are we. We must always keep our eyes on the Lord.

Rich Maffeo said...

Barb, I had completely forgotten those behind the cloister walls! Thanks for that reminder!