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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Patience and Trust

While in prayer this morning I asked the Lord to do something for me which, in the grand scheme of life, could be considered quite minor. So, recognizing the comparative ‘insignificance’ of my request, I said something to the effect, “When you can get around to it.”
Then almost immediately I thought how dumb was that comment.  God is able to multitask 1,000,000 tasks at the same time as easily and as effectively and as efficiently as He can do one thing at a time.
Isn’t it odd (and sad) how often we ascribe to the eternal and omnipotent God human capabilities?
So delays to prayers do not suggest God is too busy with the affairs of this planet to get to us now. Delays simply mean either, “No; but trust Me.” or “Now is not the best time for you; but trust Me.”
Lord, help me learn patience and trust.

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