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Monday, December 21, 2015

What Then?

I recently preached a message at a senior citizen apartment complex. The message pricked at me during the preceding week as I prepared my remarks. It continues even now to press me.

All Christians at some point make an adult decision to give our heart to Jesus. And as we continue our faith journey we continue to offer Him our heart.

So, we gave our heart to Jesus. But what about the hopes we have for ourselves or our family? What about our dreams? Our deepest longings and expectations?

Did we give – and do we continue give – those to Him as well? What do we do when life takes a turn and our hopes are irretrievably lost?  We gave our heart to Jesus, but what happens when our dreams are irreversibly shattered and our expectations scatter to the wind like charred ashes after a house fire?

What then?

Why do we serve God? If you haven’t yet asked yourself that question, the time will come when you will have to ask. That is why I urge you to prepare now for your answer. Everything in your life from that moment on will depend on your response.

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