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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Be The Mother

My mother is nearly 89 years old. And I sit here reflecting on what she did for me and Andrea, my sister. I was four when our father left us because he wouldn’t stay out of other women's beds. He left her without a dime of support for his two children.

At the time, my mother had a friend also in a similar position. She advised Mom to give Andrea and me over to the state orphanage. If my mother had done that, she could have gone on with her life and not be hampered by two small children. But instead, she sacrificed her freedom and went to work. Not one job, but two.

As I sit here, some 62 years later, I think how wonderful is the love of a mother. It is very sad, though, that not all mothers are like that.

Some, not wanting to be burdened with a child, decide to end their child's life before it's even born. Not willing to sacrifice their freedoms they choose instead to sacrifice their child.

Why do some mothers choose to love and sacrifice, and other mothers choose to kill and destroy? I grieve over such mothers. And I mourn over the children who never knew their mother’s love the way my sister and I have known our mother’s love. How so very sad I feel for them – and for their mothers.

Please, if you're thinking of having an abortion – please, for your baby’s sake, don’t do it. Sacrifice instead yourself for your child – as Jesus sacrificed Himself for you.

If you've already had an abortion, bring your guilt to Jesus for forgiveness. I know what I'm talking about. I drove my girlfriend to the abortion clinic 50 years ago. And I still grieve over it. But God has forgiven me. And He will forgive you as well. The grace and mercy and compassion and forgiveness of God far exceeds anything you or I could ever do.

Please, be the mother your child will remember with great kindness and affection 50 years from today.

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