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Saturday, June 18, 2016


His Scourged Back
by Nancy Maffeo

Oh, my God!
Just look at the stripes sliced into your back.
One by one by one by one –  
each one the price of my sins
crisscrossed across your ravaged flesh,
each oozing blood fashioned from my whoredom,
my blasphemies, my pervasive rebellion against you.

And against others.

Oh my God!
How can it be that you should die
in such a way
for such a one as I?

Oh my God!
What can I say for the scars of my sins carved into your body?
What can I say for those silent reminders to me, 
if not also to you,
of your incomprehensible love for me.


Oh my God, thank you, Lord, for saving my soul.
Oh my God, thank you, Lord, for making me whole.
Oh my God, thank you, Lord, for giving to me your great salvation
so rich and free –

Free for me.

But not free for you.

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