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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

His Name is Jonathan

His name is Jonathan. Our meeting this evening at Kroger’s Market is nothing short of God-ordained.

It began earlier today when Nancy returned home from shopping and told me she lost her credit card – probably in the Kroger parking lot. We knew it would be useless to try to find it, so she called the bank and cancelled the card. A few hours later we had dinner, and I decided to take my usual after-dinner walk. We needed butter, so I walked the 15 minutes to the store.

When I arrived, I thought on a whim to ask the woman behind the customer service desk if anyone had turned in a credit card. She told me, “No,” so I thanked her and walked away. Not ten steps later she called me back. A man – Jonathan – was standing at the customer service counter. He had just turned in a credit card. He said he found it in the parking lot.

It was Nancy’s.

Suddenly aware of how this meeting could not have been planned by anyone but God, I repeatedly thanked Jonathan for his honesty and then told him I was going to pray for him. When I opened my walled to offer him money to emphasize my gratitude, he said to me, “I’d rather have your prayers than your money.”

How extraordinary!
If you are of a mind to do so, would you also pray for Jonathan – for health, for finances, a relationship – I’ve no idea what he needs most. But God certainly does. I cannot doubt, considering the randomness of the timing of our meeting, that our meeting was orchestrated by God. Nor can I doubt that God has


StrahlenGrace said...

Hi Rich, Isn't it amazing how amazed we are when someone does the right thing or when God arranges for us to meet the person who does? I love that this person asked you to pray for him as his reward. I will definitely do so today!

As a single mom of five boys, I was really struggling when something similar happened to me. I share about that here: http://www.singlemomsmiling.com/coincidencei-met-two-angels-today/ Thanks for reminding me of how beautiful these two women were and how perfectly God watches over us! :)

Rich Maffeo said...

I hope now to never forget how intimately involved God is in our moment by moment lives.