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Thursday, February 9, 2017


At the moment I’m pensive. As I move rapidly through my 6th decade – faster than I like to think about – I thought to share an observation I’ve made many, many times in the past.
It’s been my experience, as I’ve observed others, that by the time they realize God originally had a better plan for their life – it’s too late for them to get there. Time is always linear, from past to future. It never goes backward.

That doesn’t mean God cannot redeem anyone’s present and move it in a better direction. But ‘better’ always depends on us. If we continue to do what we’ve always done, then we will get what we always got.

And the clock doesn’t stop tick-ticking.

Not too often – but it has happened – I’ve also observed that when anyone does awaken to the clock and then appeals to the One who created the clock, God delights to intervene and change what otherwise would be an unfailingly empty future.

Live wisely. Years move far more rapidly than we realize – until we look backward.

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