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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Not Interested

“I’m not interested in hearing from you.”

Think for a few minutes – not a few moments – think for a few minutes how you’d feel if someone you love said that to you. Let your mind imagine how your heart would break if your adult child, or a spouse, or a parent said those words to you. Let the ‘what if’ spread across your spirit. Feel it tear you apart, piece by burning piece.

“I’m not interested in hearing from you.”

How does that image, how would those words wound you?

There’s a point to my asking.

Don’t you think our Father in heaven feels the same way when you and I – whom He loves so deeply – when you and I say to Him by our actions: “I’m not interested in hearing from you”? How do you think He feels when we make all kinds of excuses to leave His words – the Bible – on some shelf or at the bottom of some drawer? Or stored away in a cardboard box out in the garage?

Of course, it hurts Him. How can it not hurt Him? He has so much love and direction and counsel to offer us, so much affection and help in our times of trouble and in our times of joy.

But so many of His beloved sons and daughters are not interested in hearing from Him.

Please. Change your mind. Pick up your Bible. Today. And tomorrow. And the next day. And every day thereafter. He wants so much to talk with you.

Click this link to my suggested Bible reading plan. Or search the internet for others. Use key words like, “annual Bible reading plans.”  Dozens will populate your screen.

How would you feel if someone you love said to you, “I’m not interested in hearing from you”?

Please, think about that image for a few minutes.

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