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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Why Do We Miss It - one response

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In my post earlier today titled, Why Do We Miss It? I asked how we (especially in the church) cannot recognize the evil that is slowly strangling the life out of America. A friend (who is only a few years older than I) just sent me an email. Here is part of what she wrote:
“In my only Biology class, our professor was bent on educating woefully ignorant students by showing embryos in graduated size jars (from pint to gallon sizes).  It happened that I was in that class with HS classmates of my daughter who had aborted at least one of their babies.  The pitiful girls sobbed and sobbed.  I knew it was because the deed was done and could not be undone. They had come to face the truth even before they were age 21.  . . .  That professor would have been terminated in today’s world.”
How I now wish – 52 years later – that I’d have had such a teacher in my high school biology class before I drove my girlfriend to the abortion clinic in 1967.
Ladies, if you are a mother with a baby in your womb – please. Don’t take its life. There are so many organizations and churches in your city that will help you. Reach out to them. You don’t want to regret 52 years from today what you could have avoided.
And men – I make the same appeal to you. I gave my girlfriend the choice – abort our baby or I was going to leave. Men – don’t do that to your child. You also will regret your wrong decision 52 years from today. Find help for the mother of your child. There’s plenty of it out there if you just look for it.
And yes, if that biology teacher did something like that today, he would certainly be terminated by most public schools and colleges. Most educators today are willfully complicit in the massacre of 3,000 pre-born babies every day – yes, every day in American abortion clinics.
And we really think God is ambivalent to the slaughter?
Please, moms and dads of pre-born babies, seek help. There is so much of it available to save your baby from death in your womb.

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