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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

God Died

He who touches you touches the apple of His eye.
(Zechariah 2:8)
God is love.
Scripture says it so often
so we can't miss it.
It is of love,
as well as
and justice,
that He emptied himself
of inexplicable splendor,
took the form of a man,
common dust of earth,
and endured hunger,
and thirst, and pain.
And death.
It is why He let us spit at Him,
punch His face,
slice His back
into bloody shreds,
hammer spikes
through His hands and feet.
Love let us do that.
Love for you. And me.
Our families and neighbors.
Friends and strangers.
God died as he died
to take on Himself
the penalty of our sins
so His love,
as well as His
and justice
could declare us
spotless in His sight,
that we could be with Him
But sin . . .
To do what we want,
when we want,
for as long as we want,
because we want it –
Sin turns us away from Him
who loves us
more than His own life.
Yet worse:
our sins influence others,
encourage others,
persuade others
beloved by Him
more than His own life
to rebuff His love.
Oh! How great must be
God’s sorrow over sin.
No wonder He pours His wrath
against sin,
and against those who persist in sin,
for sin –
and those who love it –
 rob God
of His most special delight:
To hold each of His beloved –
you and me,
our families and neighbors,
friends and strangers –
to hold each of us
close in His arms
God is love.
And holy. And just.
And zealously protective
of His beloved.
 It is reckless
and dangerous
to spurn His love;
And to our peril
 we cause others –
each for whom God died –  
to do the same.